Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And a final comment

Well guess what.
Thank you to the person(s) who nominated me.
I think a prize for "progress" shows what a low base I started from :-)
I have learned a lot: so  "thank you" to Emma and all who helped with the whole "23Things" program.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thing 23 - The Last Post

Reflecting on the last 10 weeks, I  find it quite difficult to say what I enjoyed most, or what is most useful, but I think that, for me, it will be the iGoogle start page, (once I get some more of the other useful "things" on it).  Google Docs seems a jolly good thing to have too. However, from the fun point of view, adding the picture from Creative Commons and the video from UTube were pretty good

My post 23 Things resolution is to try to use Firefox more as it seemed really speedy and thorough.

I can see that Web 2.0 will be used increasingly in the library world, as in others, as it becomes more and more necessary to be proactive. Modern technology will continue to progress and  new innovations will be slotted into daily life as others fade away. People are already beginning  to expect more, so things like animated power point presentations will become very common place.

I began this adventure with mixed feelings and truthfully there have been some things I would not want to use for myself, like Facebook and Twitter, but I have found it really interesting, if sometimes challenging and even more time consuming than I had expected. (It is far too easy to get side-tracked.)

However, here I am, with one day to go and about to register completion.


Thing 22 - SlideShare

I started by looking at  the "Implemting a 23 Things Type Program at Your Library" slide show at http://www.librarianbyday.net/  but moved on to other items about  some of the individual 23Things.

Slide share looks like a really useful tool for anyone having to make a presentation. I think you can even add animated power point templaes from U Tube via a site called "presentermedia".

Even better from the point of view of web 2.0 users, there are slide shows about some of the  "23 Things", such as Google Docs. Quite a lot are in Spanish; so I had a look at those too.

Only the final "thing" to do now.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Thing 21 - Google Docs

Although I have uploaded a file I had already completed, I can see this is a great way of getting data from others directly into a file; thus reducing time and effort for everyone. Also good if you want someone to edit or comment on your work.
Now for thing 22.

Thing 20 - Editing a wiki

Having chosen not to add my blog to the UK Library Blogs (it being of no interest to Librarian's as such), I spent quite a while looking at wickis about places I knew. I learned quite a lot about them but, since I could contribute nothing of note, I simply, made a very minor alteration to a paragraph about Billericay which I imagine will go unnoticed. However I now know how to do that.